The Best KSPMods You Need to Know

KSP or Kerbal Space Program is a unique game and digital toy that concentrates on the space-faring journeys of little green dudes, called Kerbals.

Developed and launched by a small studio called Squad, this game is completely playable and includes lots of fun.

Although there are some planned features still in progress, the game’s developers have permitted impatient gamers to go crazy with the best KSP mods. Even, they have established a website called the KerbalSpacePort, where moddersvisit and share their creations.

Since there is an extensive collection of Kerbal Space Program mods to choose, we will show some of the best ones to save your time.

Be ready to discover? Let’s find out now!

10 best KSP mods to consider


MechJeb is named after the space program’s pioneering kerbonaut, Jebediah Kerman.

It’s described as an auto-pilot system that can manage almost the most common space maneuvers. When installing it and then placing on a spacecraft, you will get access to MechJeb components, which offer a vast range of auto-pilot features.

This mode can control almost everything such as landing, takeoff, docking, orbital flight, etc. Although it might mess up at some point, it works perfectly in 90% of situations.


While you’re in space, no one can hear your cry unless you hold down the push-to-talk button.

The mod of Chatterer selected real-life audio from the Apollo 11 missions, mixed a bit, and cut into audio files in order to avail in the background of your missions. By connecting with Quindar tones, this mod also offers the impression of a chaotic, bustling mission control center buzzing with cross-talk and messages.

Collision FX

Depending on the ground you are crashing into, using Collision FX helps to add smoke, plumes of snow, sparks, plowing dirt, and screeching tires. Also, this mod adds a lovely little “oof” noise when Kerbals fly into something firm and hard during EVAs.

Kerbal Alarm Clock

The appearance of Kerbal Alarm Clock is to help you fast-forward time so that you don’t skyrocket past your burn window.

Let’s set alarms for particular parts of your orbit, for crossing orbits, for other crafts passing, etc.! Even, you are able to tie into a strange alternate universe and then set alarms relied on the local time.


In the best KSP mods, PlanetShine is a bit useless.

But we prefer to use this mod as it demonstrates the obsessive attention to specificmodding communities.

Once a ship is in low orbit surrounding a planet, its backside will be softly lightened up by the planet’s reflected atmospheric light. Additionally, it plays well with Environmental Visual Enhancements, which add cloud effects and nighttime city lights.

ISA MapSat

The ISA MapSat allows you to set up topographical maps of moons and planets in the game.

Start attaching the dish to a probe and make sure to add a solar panel and a battery. Then launch it into orbit surrounding your preferred rock. As long as you’re in 500,000 km of the planet’s surface, you can collect raw data about the geography below.

This mod also features any objects uncovered on the surface whether it is the burning debris of the failed attempts or something more age-old.

B9 Aerospace Pack

best ksp mods

B9 Aerospace Pack is an extensive collection of beautiful new cockpits, a massive variety of new jet engines, a host of pre-built example ships, etc. This pack mainly use quality textures and is relied on concept designs shown by NASA and DAPRA.

Aside from using for space planes, it is useful for rockets as well.

For Science!

This mod is designed to move away from the science grind via automating it.

You only take a thermometer into the ocean and then it automatically records the reading to store in the command module. Arming a plane with some experiments and controlling it across Kerbin also bring a steady stream of new science points.

KW Rocketry

We all know that designing the first rocket is quite overwhelming. But you might explore a craving for more components after spending some successful missions. That’s why you need the mod of KW Rocketry.

Here you will find more fuel tanks, nose-cones, solid fuel boosters, fairings, new engines, and more. Some extras hugely expand the rockets you can build and permit you to design impossible stock components.

As a whole, this mod is a bit simple to follow, making it digestible for newbies.


Although Telemachus is a complicated mod, it helps to pull flight data out of Kerbal Space Program and put it into a web browser.

Why does this become “cool?”It’s because you can use it for lots of things.

For instance, you are able to send the browser link to your friends and share the real-time data when flying. Or you can collect old laptops and assemble yourself a mission control. Or you might gather other players to set up a team.

In conclusion

best ksp mods 2

All the best KSP mods above are free to download and play via the KerbalSpacePort website.

So, what you should do now is to pick up the one you want and then enjoy. Or you can land on its site and search for other mods if you need more.

Don’t hesitate anymore! Do it now, guys!






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