Final Ninja Review

Final Ninja is a video game from the popular game brand Nitrome. The game features side-scrolling gameplay with amazing Action-adventure. The player will be taking the role of an anime-inspired Njna and facing up plenty of tricks that the game offers. Ever since it was released, Final Ninja has been receiving positive reviews by both the critics and gamers around the world.

A look at Final Ninja

Final Ninja opens up a colorful game world, in which an anime is on his way to accomplishing his mission of the century. The Ninja protagonist is able to throw stars, grab ropes and stealth-hide into the shadows. Talking about the stealth mode, we can imply that it is a hilarious tactic, as the player will be facing various security systems and enemies that test the player’s sensitiveness and skills.

Alongside with the funny stealth mode is the grapple, which is one of the key mechanics that make Final Ninja enjoyable. Imagine Final Ninja without the stealth mode, then this game would be another tired Ninja video game that is mass-produced and meaningless.

Final Ninja

In the Japanese culture, Akuma (also known as “Devil” in English) is one of the Ninja’s nemeses. The developer of Final Ninja captured this and brought it to the game World of Final Ninja and in the game, the player will be charged with the mission of completing various levels before he actually faces up the Akuma.

You will be playing as a Ninja and acting like a real Ninja with the ability of wall-jumping, teleporting and fighting throughout 20 levels of Final Ninja. At the time when you surpass the fifth level, the game brings out a larger number of crazy enemies that can kill you easily. However, just like what they say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, if you are able to make it at least to level six or a bit higher, you will have the strength to advance even further in the adventure of Final Ninja.

To support the players, Final Ninja introduces a soft and short animated film at the beginning of the game, which tells us about the main story of Final Ninja. For the players who love uncovering the story behind a video game, Final Ninja will satisfy them with a mysterious story that can make anyone curious.

As you start to understand what happens to the protagonist of the game, you will be even more aggressive to accomplish all the levels and come up with the finish battle of Final Ninja.

In conclusion

Final Ninja is worth your attention, as it is one of the most exciting Platform video games from Nitrome, alongside fireboy and watergirl game, Bomb Chicken, etc. In addition to that, if you are a fan of Ninja in the Japanese culture, there’s no reason to skip Final Ninja!

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