6 Best Puzzle Games

The mobile game market is flooded with many different types of games. There are games with very nice graphics, outstanding storylines. However, puzzle games are always a popular genre. Puzzle games have been around long before video games came along. Therefore, they bring nostalgic colors and simple gameplay but full of science and fun.



Sudoku is a familiar game. People can easily see this game in new daily newspapers, magazines, or books. Now you can experience this game anywhere on your mobile phone. The main task of a Sudoku player is to arrange the numbers in vertical or horizontal rows.

These numbers range from 1 to 9. You have to make sure no names appear twice in a vertical or horizontal row. Typically, a game screen will have nine rows and nine columns. Sudoku will give you available numbers and lots of blank cells. You have to calculate and consider which numbers to fill in those blank boxes.

If you look from afar, Sudoku can be a pretty boring math game. However, it is really interesting right from the start you get into the game.

Bad Ice Cream 3

You can see a classic and nostalgic in Bad Ice Cream 3. This is a word game suitable for all ages. Everyone will have a great experience with Bad Ice Cream 3. The graphics of the game are exciting and attractive. You can feel Bad Ice Cream 3 like playing a game on an old gaming console. Colors with Bad Ice Cream 3 are displayed vividly and prominently, and the characters shown are adorable.

You will transform into the main character in Bad Ice Cream 3 to collect fruit in the game and break the obstacles and enemies in front of you. You must focus on navigating and controlling your character to face the challenges ahead.

2048 Original

With simple gameplay, 2048 Original has created a craze in the mobile game market. 2048 offers extremely simple entertainment in swiping up and down.

Despite the simple gameplay, 2048 brings an undeniable addictive. Once you have hit the game, you will want to play forever.

As soon as the application starts, you must select the grid to play. The bigger the grid size, the higher the challenge.

2048 Original is arguably one of the best puzzle games. It really stimulates your brain activity and your patience. However, this app has a bit of advertising that makes your experience with the game somewhat diminished.

Cut the Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 with the familiar lovely blue monster with you to conquer the challenges. Coming to part 2 of Cut The Rope, players will see the appearance of many new colorful characters and more challenging levels.

The attractive but straightforward gameplay made Cut The Rope 2 4th in the list of the most worth puzzle games in 2019. In each round, the player must be patient to think about how to solve the puzzle.

Cut the Rope 2 always requires meticulous and accurate calculation from the player. The images and characters in Cut The Rope 2 are adorable, eye-catching, and unforgettable.

Love Poly

Love Poly is an entirely new form of puzzle game. It challenges the human brain. Players must use all their imagination to solve the puzzles in Love Poly. You have to rotate a picture with dozens of meaningless pieces so that they become a meaningful picture.

Colors and images of Love Poly are one of the factors that make this game very popular. They are indeed works of art that you can’t take your eyes off.

Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall is a puzzle game with familiar gameplay. However, the point that makes this game more prominent with games of the same genre is lovely graphics along with familiar characters in Frozen. The gameplay of Frozen Free Fall is quite similar to Candy Crush Saga. Players have a certain amount of lives, and when you use up, you have to wait a while for it to recreate.

Your main task in Frozen Free Fall is to find three crystal tablets of the same type close together and link them together to remove from the board. The main highlight of this game is the stunning and user-friendly graphics.

Although there are many different game genres, the puzzle is a game genre that has existed for many generations and is loved by many people. If you are a lover of the puzzle and intelligence games, do not ignore the list of 6 best puzzle games in 2019. Each game will bring a unique experience and will not let you down.




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