Torchlight 2 Engineer Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer Build is developed and progressed by Runic Games with Multiplayer Mode and Single Mode as well. This game has a variety of interesting characters and Torchlight 2 Engineer Build happened in the intensive area and what’s else? Let’s check the article below.

I wouldsay, what these chaps and dames! Have you ever found yourself confused by the complicated of providing steampunk justice to the curs and filth of the evil hordes in Torchlight 2 Engineer Build? Well, fortunately, you might have it, you need to no find further than this build guide to incline your lawbreaker damagequotient by fourfold! Have a deeper look at it!

Just like any great machine installs best on high-quality fuel, our Torchlight 2 Engineer Build is an example, which would be upgraded with new builds as they leave off of our assembly line.

A note on respect

Therefore, Torchlight 2 Engineer Build only lets you honor your final three skill points (at a steep cost). Thus, you might already be so distant from that, these builds are incapable of using. However, if you want the freedom to reorganize all of your skill points at whenever you like, Torchlight 2 Engineer Build immediately supports it. You’ll just have to download a simple mode…

We guarantee that your main character supply is empty, as this process will extremelyoverwrite it. This can be easier to accomplish by making up a new role of the character, and moving everything from the shared supply into their individual supply.

Download the file here, and divide it to Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\[Long string of letters and numbers]. When it requires to replace the existing file, click yes.

torchlight 2 engineer build

Your shared character supply will now be covered with Respect Potions. Throwing back away refunding all incredible skill points. This also has many benefits of allowing you to choose your beginning attack skills on a new character, instead of having to use the default one.

Unlike the old method, before that uses console commands, this will not flag your character as a cheater in multiplayer.

Are they clear enough to comprehend? Find out the tragedy for Torchlight 2 Engineer Build yet? Good

All of the following Torchlight 2 Engineer Build have been checked on Veteran difficulty.

Engineer Build: The Gentleman With The Large, Mysterious Object

A proper gentleman needs to be well-educated, practice good physical hygiene, and always be prepared to set enormous numbers of hooligans screaming through the air in fires with a sharpen whack from his trusty equipment of mayhem. This build will make you a master of the Torchlight 2 Engineer Build, the foremost at fisticuffs; turning metal jaws to a glass with the power of smoke and steam. They will destroy the opponents completely.

torchlight 2 engineer build 2

Gear Choice

Extraordinary weapons are essential, you don’t need to tarry with diminutive odds and ends. Greataxes, great hammers, greatswords, and polearms will all serve your purposes carefully. Bonus the fire destruction, bonus electric destruction, and armor penetration are always the greatest choices.

Stat Points

Having your wits about Torchlight 2 Engineer Build, you will carry it just so far – you also need to be strong enough in the twist to handle the kind of hardware this Torchlight 2 Engineer Build requires. Two points per level, and often, even more, you should go straight into Strength. Do not abandon Vitality, either, as you will more often than not be right in the thick of things, being attacked from all sides from many enemies.

torchlight 2 engineer build 3

The focus is important as well, to keep your machines of destruction controlling on pure, high-grade mana. And throw Dexterity a point now and then, just so it doesn’t feel left out and empty.

Levels 1-25

The main skills that make up this well-oiled strong engine are Flame Hammer and Ember Hammer (Blitz tree). The former is your reality damage stand-by, while the latter will clear away those useless shields right quickly. Remember to use the available Ember Hammer only when your responsibility is high and the need is immediate, as it does not build charge. Passives like Heavy Lifting and Supercharge (Blitz), as well as Fire and Spark (Construction), also requires to pay much attention, pushing up your pain deeply with large, unidentified objects and giving you more responsibilities to push those damage skills into overdrive.

Once Onslaught (Blitz) opens at 21, add it to your head list as it provides the outstanding battlefield mobility, an initial thing for any front-line fighters in Torchlight 2 Engineer Build.

Levels 26-50

Ember Reach (Blitz) should participate in your arsenal as a way to lock down that useless ne ‘er do wells that have the fearlessness to turn and flee from an honorable duel. Storm Burst (Blitz) can give you a totally differently-flavored movement skill, but I find it too difficult to use at the same time as Onslaught. So grab a respect potion rightaway if you want to give it a try and pick one oranother.

Dynamo Field and Overload (Aegis) make a thrilling combo with Onslaught but will require you to throw back your passives to get them up to speed and make your move as fast as possible. Then, you can lean on this speed to face to face against your opponents and be on top of Torchlight 2 Engineer Build.

Levels 51-100

You should now be able to start matching your passives and turn them into your strengths, or the Onslaught/Dynamo Field/Overload combo can also help you to increase your power in this guild, depending on what you allow to fall behind in the earlier levels. You can begin to funneling some points into Coup de Grace (Blitz), and if you find yourself losing lives a lot, some survivability skills like Charge Domination and Bulwark (Construction), or Aegis of Fate (Aegis) will be available for you to take advantage.

Emberquake (Blitz) is always tempting and running quickly, of course, and layers well with your other AoE attacks as it does not consume duty. Just make sure you have the mana to support it. Tremor (Aegis) has nothing change to Overload, but I would not recommend taking both.

In addition, the Engineer is a melee class for Torchlight 2 Engineer Build that has a multiple of play styles.

While the class is meant to tank, it can also be capable of doing a great destruction with a lot of crowd handle. How you place your stat and skill points is entirely dependent on you. This guide will hopefully give you some leadings, pointers on how to play an Engineer effectively. We will concentrate heavily on the use of Emberquake as well as Forcefield and Healing Bot to survive.

I am assuming that you have access to a third-party of Torchlight 2 Engineer Build respect program. If not, I would strongly introduce that you should download one. It’s an almost necessary requirement and will save you from being destroyed by amounts of time figuring out how you would like to play in Torchlight 2 Engineer Build.

There is quite a bit of leeway according to what skills you can put points into. You can go with a balancing of melee and Emberquake (which is what this guide generally means of) or a more interesting build with tons of crowd handle or a mixture of all of these. I try to make suggestions and recommendations wherever I can in this game, but again it is 100 percent depend on you, and how you want to play this class.
I’m hoping to upgrade this guide to cover all of the skills that an Engineer can use, rather than just to concentrate on a cut-and-dry Emberquake guide. Stay tuned!

Strategy and Tactics

I will go first and give the directions to you all. For most battles you should:

Forcefield (with five charges) + Onslaught + Tremor (wish for it) + Emberquake until you got it.

Starting from the first of a dungeon, you want to play your Healing Bot, Immobilization Copter (if you already have it), and then your Forcefield. By the time you come to the first group of enemies, firstly you need to use Onslaught, then either melee or Emberquake until Charge Domination procs, giving you a full tool of charges. You can definitely use Dynamo Field to earn charges very fast. Use these charges on your upcoming Forcefield (which need to be off cooldown at this time). Maintain to Onslaught and Tremor as needed and then get Emberquake out to your heart’s desire.

As long as your Forcefield is ready, you can 100 percent sure to watch TV or play on your phone until everyone is destroyed. Most of the time (like 99.9% of the time in lower difficulties) you are fully covered with Forcefield will, it will be impenetrable.

For higher difficulties (i.e., Veteran and Elite), your strategy will be the same. Although Forcefield can take a ton of destruction, you’re not invincible. Onslaught in and out of battlefield when their duty is finished, keep your enemies in as tight as a group as possible and crowd running whenever it’s needed. Also, we guarantee that the utilize Dynamo Field on weaker groups of mobs to build charge quickly!
torchlight 2 engineer build 5
If you’re in lower level Engineer and lack of some of these abilities (like Emberquake, Immobilization Copter, or Tremor), just use the available Seismic Slam and Fire/Ember Hammer as you would above. It’s simple as handling your enemies, keeping your Forcefield up, and smashing your enemies with your hilariously large monkey wrench.

Some great tips and tricks for you

In this part, I’ll go through the main things of what this build emphasizes:
Statwise, push your Strength to 1000 and let it cool down into Focus (up to around 1000). Dexterity should be at least 53 for +10% Critical Chance and Dodge. Disregard Vitality. Enchants and socketables are absolutely important to raise your stats.
Skillwise, don’t forget to take advantage of Healing Bot and Immobilization Copter at the start of every floor. Begin with your Forcefield, unlock with Onslaught, Dynamo Field, Tremor, and Emberquake. Once you earn five charges (should be as soon as you can in the battle), reuse Forcefield and Emberquake until everything is completely destroyed. Crush and run and use crowd control when needed.

Gearwise, great hammers make more physical damages and with Heavy Lifting, you can find out significant amounts of physical damage. Any condition damage on your tool does significantly help out the magic damage that Emberquake expresses. For your armor part, pay attention to +Damage Reduction%, and +Health/Strength/Focus.

For spells part, any +Physical Attack Damage%, %Attack Speed% or +Mana Regen% is cool. Supply your pet any Summon X, Heal All, and Silence Spells you can.


As recommended, the Engineer is a high element, high destruction tank that is flexible for many situations. How you play your Engineer is depended on you. There is no cut-and-dry (definitive) way to play this stage, as long as you have fun doing it! If you do want to research on min-maxing your stats, feel free to do it anyway so although it is not necessary with this build.




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